Fuel Hedging

FUEL RFP hedgingINSIGHT understands that for many businesses, the cost of energy (fuel) is their largest operational cost. To help companies to manage (and reduce) their energy (fuel) cost, INSIGHT has developed a comprehensive method that focus on savings from the purchasing, production and consumption of energy.

  • Energy Purchasing –  because most energy cannot be stored, companies need to know in advance where and when they will use it. INSIGHT’s Hedging Master© allows the manager to know how much energy is needed  in a particular month at a particular site, and even calculate total savings before placing an order. INSIGHT’s Billing Auditor© match energy contracts with each incoming bill to ensure that the quantities and rates are correct.
  • Energy Production – some companies purchase energy (fuel) to transform it into a different kind like in the case of natural gas to make electricity and steam. INSIGHT’s Real-time Budgeting©  allows the manager to verify that  the production of energy is being done as efficient as possible.
  • Energy Consumption – after purchased and/or produced, energy must be allocated to company’s products and services. INSIGHT’s provides tools to allocate energy cost using physical or virtual metering. Allocations can be performed at the “load” level and schedule to accommodate seasonal operations.  Then using the Real-time Budgeting© , the manager can identify any budget variances to determine what departments are using more energy than expected.