Hedging Master

Hedging is the best risk management strategy to mitigate the probability of loss from fluctuations in the price of company resources In order to hedge, companies must know two things: how much and when to hedge.

The Hedging Master© is connected to a real-time budgeting application that allows the risk manager to hedge quantities for a particular month and location, and even determine total estimated savings based on current market prices before placing an order. The application can be set up to send emails to alert the risk manager when is a good time to hedge, based on a pre-set price target.

Hedging Master© is a simple and easy to use web-based application designed for companies more interested in physical than financial hedging. In other words, for companies who purchase these resources to use it in their business (process) and hedge the market not to speculate but to reduce their exposure to price changes.

The Hedging Master© can be used not only to offset the probability of loss from price changes in commodities or securitites but also with any raw materials, fuels, and even services.