Insight ERM Method

 In a business, risk is like energy. It cannot be eliminated; it can only be transformed into a good or a bad outcome.

What is Insight ERM©?

A business method to identify, analyze and mitigate the risk associated to what the company buys (resources); does (activities), and sells (products and services).

Why is Insight ERM©  different from other traditional methods?

 ...just follow the money!

…just follow the money!

  • Uses a rational and systematic way to identify risk exposures by following company’s money.
  • Provides an in-depth analysis of risk transfer activities like insurance purchasing, contractual risk transfer, hedging, and others.
  • Brings the risk manager to the C-suite.

 How does Insight ERM© help companies to mitigate their risk?

  • Provides a systematic method to identify unforeseen events that may threaten the company’s financial position (Balance Sheet Exposures), and it’s profitability (Income Statement Exposures). RESOURCE RISK MODULE
  • Incorporates the cost of risk to the decision to outsource or subcontract an activity. ACTIVITY RISK MODULE
  • Highlights the importance of analyzing the exposures associated with risk mitigating activities like insurance purchasing, hedging, contractual transfer, claims management, and others. ACTIVITY RISK MODULE
  • Shows how some company products (or services) may be “too risky” to sell (or provide). PRODUCT RISK MODULE

 How to implement Insight ERM©?

  • Collect information about company’s resources, activities and products
  • Identify exposures associated to company’s resources, activities and products
  • Analyze the impact of those  exposures to company’s goals and objectives
  • Mitigate resource, activity and product risks.
  • Monitor current risk mitigating activities and identify new threats.

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