Insight ERM Services

ERM Services

INSIGHT’s enterprise risk management services are designed to help organizations meet their goals and objectives by acquiring information about the exposures associated to resources, activities and products; then auditing activities with the highest risk to the organization’s financial position and profitability.

Using ChancesR®, our web-based risk management information system (web-RMIS), and following an Activity-Based Risk Management© process, our cost and risk management professionals will review and evaluate the main activities your organization performs to mitigate risk like insurance purchasing, contractual risk transfer, claims management / litigation, energy hedging, business continuity planning and beyond.

Our Insight ERM© services help organizations…

  • Identify hidden exposures overlooked by traditional methods
  • Reduce the risk of unfunded losses by effectively managing the transfer of risk through insurance
  • Develop a comprehensive contractual risk transfer program that aligns the organization’s contracts with vendors’ certificates of insurance
  • Develop hedging strategies to mitigate the risk of price volatility in global financial markets
  • Create a real-time business continuity plan to  mitigate the risk of disrupting core operations
  • Reduce their total Cost of Risk (COR)