Insight Products

ChancesR® – Comprehensive web-based risk management information system (RMIS) composed of eight (8) web-based applications:

  1. Insight ERM© ( Enterprise Risk Management ) – to identify and analyze risks associated with organization’s resources, activities and products (or services).
  2. Insight News© – to retrieve news available through Google News® relevant to the organization in eight (8) categories: Company Name, Locations, Resources, Activities, Products, Customers, Competitors and Vendors.
  3. Insight Box© – to securely store and share files in a password protected Cloud® environment for use in projects, litigation, insurance renewals, and other activities.
  4. Insurance RFP© – to create requests for proposals (RFPs) when purchasing commercial insurance using a secure web-based application.
  5. Contractual RM© – to easily generate contracts and track vendors’ certificates of insurance for each “job” performed by an outside service provider.
  6. Utility Risk Manager© – to reduce energy risk and cost by using real-time budgeting, energy hedging and utility bill auditing.
  7. Insight BCP© – to create a business continuity and disaster plan and send automatic alerts when an emergency takes place.
  8. Insight Claims© – for investigation, administration and litigation of insured and uninsured company claims.