CHANCES RChancesR® is the first enterprise risk management information system (RMIS) designed to help companies manage their risk of not meeting their goals and objectives by mitigating their exposures associated to company’s resources, activities and products. ChancesR® uses a rational and systematic way to identify risk by following company’s money flowing down from resources, to activities, and finally to products; and then determining the exposures associated with them. ChancesR® allows companies to centralize all their risk identification, analysis and mitigation activities in one highly secure location that can be accessed from anywhere at any time by any authorized user, using a desktop, laptop, IPAD, smart phone or any other mobile device with Internet access.

ChancesR® is an all-in-one application like no other in the market. From a single screen, the risk manager can identify and assess risk (Insight ERM©); control risk (Insight Claims©Insight BCP©, and Insight News©); mitigate risk (Insight RFP©Contractual RM©, and Hedging Master©); and monitor risk (Real-time Budgeting©).

ChancesR® has a series of web-based tools that the risk manager (or any person responsible for managing risk in the organization) can use to receive automatic or scheduled email alerts of new events that can trigger the Insight ERM© process.

Below is the list of risk management web-based applications included with ChancesR®: