Tariff Analysis

Utility bills from companies operating in regulated energy markets are very different from those in deregulated ones.  The first ones are based on volumes obtained from readings of utility meters and rates based on tariff agreements that change very little over time. The second ones can involved multiple supply, transportation and balancing agreements with volumes that can be very different from those metered and rates based on daily markets settlements. As a result, in order to verify that all charges in a utility bill are correct, the following information may be needed:

  • Energy volumes per line item
  • Tariff agreements (regulated energy markets)
  • Supply, transportation and balancing contracts (deregulated markets)
  • Previous hedging contracts showing volumes and rates

INSIGHT’s Utility Risk Manager© provides the user with access to all the information needed to verify that all charges in the utility bill are correct. Volumes can be verified against meter readings and energy contracts; hedging volumes and rates can be matched against an specific month and year; images of all bills, tariff agreements and contracts are linked to each bill; and many other tools to ensure  that the bill auditing process is done quick and efficient.